AS 5414

Bushfire water spray system sWelcome to AS 5414, this website is dedicated to information on the Australian Standards AS 5414 – bushfire water spray systems, which is the Australian Standards for bushfire sprinkler systems.

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AS 5414 is a recent Australian Standards and covers all the requirements for building a bushfire sprinkler system. Including the type of pipe material to use, the water pressures that are required for the sprinkler heads, water volumes needed on specific surfaces and areas, the sprinkler heads that are required including performance standards, basic design principles, minimum water storage volumes and even the signage that is required on the front gate and near the pump.

For more information on bushfire sprinklers including advice on DIY bushfire sprinkler systems, click this bushfire sprinklers link. The website linked is a very detailed site and well worth a read.

It is a very comprehensive document and much thought has been put into the development of it.

However there has been some criticism with the new standards, particularly in the water volumes required. A standard system which does not conform to the new Australian Standards AS 5414, would usually use about 400 litres per minute on an average sized home, but when conforming to AS 5414 the same home might require over 1000 litres per minute.

It is also only based on a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 19 and does not mention what is required for levels below or above this BAL rating. Hopefully in editions to come they do extend the document further, with design guidelines on each of the specific BAL rating.

Having said that, the standards are an excellent document to have if you live in a bushfire prone area. If you are thinking about installing a bushfire sprinkler system yourself then this document is a fundamental requirement. It is a very detailed blueprint for any system and takes the guess work out of designing a system, especially if you have limited experience in bushfire behaviour.
as 5414 SprinklersAll Australian Standards documents are subject to copyright and most have to be bought, this is true for AS 5414. There are no free documents available so the only way for you to obtain a copy is to buy one from the SAI Global website, more information can be found by clicking the AS 5414 download link.